Research in RIGT is managed by a panel chaired by Dr David Guy and with the support of experts in problem gambling and the research leads from other public bodies.

In 2006 RIGT will be starting a new E-Library for dissemination of research findings with a interactive search facility to deliver reports and data targeted to meet the needs of those searching.

Coping strategies of problem gamblers

This study builds upon the findings of several studies (primarily quantitative) that have noted a link between problem gambling and coping styles. A series of interviews will be conducted with 50 problem gamblers to examine how their gambling behaviour may be used as a coping strategy for dealing with other underlying problems, the meaning that gambling has in their lives, and to further develop theory on problem gambling. Additionally, a number of exploratory online interviews will be conducted to examine problem gambling in relation to computer and technology-related gambling problems. The research will help develop an understanding of the causes and development of problem gambling, and will contribute toward prevention and treatment measures that could help lower the incidence of problem gambling in the UK.

Neal Hinvest, Manchester University whose study is on the Neuronal basis of Problem Gambling, supervised by Dr I Anderson, and which is designed to identify the specific neuro-biology of problem gamblers.